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Gaming Laptop for Work

Having never gamed on a laptop in my entire life, I didn’t believe I would make this move, or write this blog post. I never thought I would give up a MacBook Pro in favor of a Windows laptop

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Scooter Journey to Isle of Man

The year was 1962, and it was in the height of the popular scooter race era on the Isle of Man. My father decided, with his younger brother on the queen seat behind him, to not only participate in the race, but to make the journey on his Vespa scooter all the way from southern Sweden.

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Local Stores Aggregated Search Engine

This holiday season, I purchased approximately 90% of all my gifts on Amazon. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Being reliant on e-commerce is not something that happened overnight. When I was in college, it started with textbooks. Then when CompUSA shattered, I started ordering electronics. Then books. Now everything else.

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Real Estate Website with MLS Listings

These last few months we’ve had the pleasure to work together with someone who is not only a realtor and broker, but also a visionary. It’s been exciting, challenging, and rewarding for everyone involved. Although we’ve been working with realtors in the past, this was the first time we were asked to connect a website with the MLS, map all fields, and sync (nightly) not only the active listings, but the complete library of listings within the Hawaii MLS. Approximately 150,000 property listings. That’s not a small database we’re dealing with.

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Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA