Scooter Journey to Isle of Man

The year was 1962, and it was in the height of the popular scooter race era on the Isle of Man. My father decided, with his younger brother on the queen seat behind him, to not only participate in the race, but to make the journey on his Vespa scooter all the way from southern Sweden.

With all that gear and supplies packed onto his Vespa, it’s a miracle they made it safe and sound. Here are two photos from the journey down and over to Isle of Man:

On the Calais Dover ferry
On the Liverpool Douglas ferry

And here are some photos of my father in the 1962 race:

With that said, I have decided that purchasing a classic Vespa and follow in my father’s footsteps (wheel tracks) and participate in the Isle of Man Scooter Rally, is an item on my Bucket List.

It will be a one-way journey of 2099km. I say one-way because the plan is to sell the Vespa scooter or donate it to the Isle of Man Scooter Club on arrival, and then fly back to Sweden.

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Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA